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When I was born I weighed 7lbs 8oz. And as I understand it, that is a respectable weight for a full term newborn. Overall I was quite proud of myself since Mom and Dad are kind of small to begin with and therefore I was likely to be small as well.

For the first few months I had a very healthy appetite (if not a focused attention) when breast feeding and was doing a good job of gaining weight. At my 3 month visit with the doctor I weighed a healthy and expected 11lbs 7oz (4/21/14).

It seemed I was growing like a champ. If you ask Mom & Dad they will tell you that it definitely seemed like I was getting heavier….or maybe I was just making them hold me more.

Over the next couple of months my eating habits didn’t seem to change much. Mom thought I was being a little more fussy during meal time but from the other babies I’ve talked too that’s pretty normal. So nothing to worry about there.

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This past Sunday, like it is for most, was spent running errands. We went to church, had brunch, and decided to “stop by the mall” as Lori puts it.

By the way, Bailey’s newest favorite thing to do is scream his head off anytime he gets in the car seat. And although when we arrived at the mall he didn’t care much for the heat, he was more than comfortable in the front pack on Mom. Ask her, him, or anyone who’s seen him in the front pack and they will tell you he is in HEAVEN.

After brunch, which he slept 75% of the way through, we walked around the mall for a bit. I went strong for the first 15 minutes or so.

I don’t know how Lori does it. I can run miles and miles, but when it comes to walking around shopping, I drop dead after the first half hour usually.

Anyways…I decided to take all of our worldly possessions, at this time the diaper bag and car seat (in case Bailey changed his mind about the front pack), the bags of newly purchased clothes for the little one and sat down in a comfy chair in-between the various shops we were walking.

Lori and Bailey were at it for a while afterwards. Looking. Admiring. Even trying things on.

But below is probably the single most valuable thing Lori has ever bought.


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