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Mom & Dad | Bailey Bravo

Mom & Dad

February 27, 2014

Bailey's Mom & DadAs I start writing my story I feel it’s important to start from before the beginning.

After all, my story would have never been told if it wasn’t for my Mom & Dad.

Bailey Bravo’s Mom

I’ll start with Mom (Loriane) since I’ve known her the longest. She was born and raised in Southern California with her older sister and younger brother. I have two cousins from my Aunt who are around 9 and 7 years old.

Grandma and Grandpa McKenzie are really excited because I am the newest baby in a long time.

Mom spent most of her childhood in Temecula, CA where Grandma and Grandpa McKenzie still live. She says she was a chubby kid so I might be like that too. She was also an amazing swimmer and was even an all CIF competitor. I hope I am as good a swimmer as she is.

By the way, she was a trooper while I was growing in her belly (I know that’s not where I really grew but it’s easier to say then amniotic sac). I made her really nauseous during the first trimester…sorry about that.

Bailey Bravo’s Dad

Dad (Johnny) is the main person running this site. He likes to write a lot and even has his own site about sales. He currently sells software for a company based out of Ohio so every once in a while he even has to travel there. He doesn’t like it very much since it’s so cold over there. The last time he went it was 70-80 degrees at home and about -4 there. He was not happy.

I think that’s why I hate the cold too, because dad doesn’t like it either. Every time my blankets or clothes are taken off I like to be very vocal about my disdain for the current situation.

Dad also grew up in Southern California. Most of his childhood was spent in the Santa Clarita Valley which is a northern part of Los Angeles.

He has always been really active. In school he did track, cross country and football. He still likes to run a lot and will be taking me with him soon with our new jogging stroller.

He also did martial arts in high school and College. He is a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and has had 2 knee surgeries and a nose surgery because of it. He would love to get back into it but is not sure that his body (or medical insurance) could take it. He tells me all the time that when I’m old enough I will be doing Taekwondo as well.

I’m really excited and can’t wait to start. I kicked mom a lot and really hard when I was growing in her so I think I’ll be good at it. Also since dad use to teach, he’ll be able to help me get really good at it. And since you aren’t allowed to punch in Taekwondo, I will be on an even playing field with everyone else.

Dad reminisces a lot about the kids program he led. He loved doing it and wants to do it again. Only difference know is that I would be learning from him. That might be a nice break from my mom since I’ll spend most of my time with her while Dads working.

How Mom & Dad Met

Mom & Dad met “the old fashion way” as Dad likes to call it.

They met through a mutual friend (my Auntie Selena) and Dad asked Mom out after only their second meeting. He thought she was really pretty, funny, and smart.

A funny story they like to tell is that Dad set up the first date at a gay bar, not knowing that it was. At the time Mom lived in Downtown Los Angeles and Dad was on the Westside. So they decided to meet up in West Hollywood since that was in the middle for them both.

Dad had gone on Yelp and read great reviews of this place called Saint Felix. When he walked into the bar he looked around and noticed a lot of naked people pictures on the wall and a pretty specific clientele. I don’t know what that means but that’s how he words it. I think he means families that have two moms or two dads like my cousin Ethan.

Since their first date they had become almost inseparable and fell into love very quickly. They dated for about a year and a half when Dad proposed. They were married in Cabo with about 20 of their best friends joining them. From what I’ve heard it was a pretty awesome time.

I know they tell me that all the time that they want a big family but I was lucky enough to be first. When dad got back from his first trip to Ohio they started trying and got pregnant with me within about two months. I was ready to be born.

I’ll talk more later on about my story and go into more details about the above events later but I thought that this is a good overview of where I come from.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or my Mom & Dad through the contact page.

~ Bailey Bravo

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