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Turtle Bath Sponge Cushion Review | Bailey Bravo

Turtle Bath Sponge Cushion Review

March 2, 2014

[Johnny Bravo]

If you’re here for the product review click here.

Bailey’s first at-home sponge bath was on Friday Feb. 28th, 2014. I was doing some work in the office when Lori called me in to take some pictures. First timers are always a photo opportunity.

I wouldn’t say my over all emotion for this event was excitement but it was so for mom and grandma so I was happy to capture the occasion.

We used a Turtle Bath Sponge Cushion from Babies R Us to bathe him with. Easy to use, inexpensive, and as comfortable as it gets for the little guy.

Bailey's first bath

Since Bailey’s umbilical cord hasn’t fallen off yet, we have to resort to light wash cloth baths for now. This is not unusual. All our doctors and nurses told us to keep the umbilical cord as dry as possible until it falls off on its own.

Because of this we forgo’d using any kind of baby bathtub. We simply placed him on the bath sponge cushion  in our bathtub. This way we were able to keep him flat and avoid getting his cord wet.

The turtle cushion worked out pretty well. We filled the tub enough to make sure it stayed warm and would soak up into the cushion and keep him warm.


He wasn’t too happy about it but he was squeaky clean afterwards.


Bailey on a Turtle Sponge CushionBailey all soapy Bailey calm during his bath Lori & Bailey Bailey not happy during his bath Bailey and mom

Turtle Bath Sponge Cushion Product Review

To be honest the only reason we had this cushion was because I am a fanatic turtle lover. I personally would have never thought to buy one of those. Lori may have but not me.

We’re glad we did. Babies are not the easiest things to hold at times and it’s even harder when they are lathered up with soap. A slippery baby is a recipe for disaster.

This sponge cushion allowed us to keep Bailey comfortable and safe. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone with a newborn. 


It’s very inexpensive: We got ours for around $6-$8 from Babies R Us. You can also buy it on Amazon.com by clicking here.

It’s made of quality material: Foam cushion is foam cushion but even when I tried to pull this to tear it I wasn’t able to very easily. The sponge foam is much stronger than what you might find in a baseball foam finger.

No weird smells: Even thought it wasn’t the quikest thing to dry (see below cons) the sponge didn’t retain any smell and out of the package it didn’t have any particular smell either. I was worried it might have a chemically smell like some of these products often do.


Didn’t dry very quickly: This may be due to user error but after more than 24 hours the bottom of the foam was still a little wet. I had it laid on the side of the bath horizontally. Next bath time I will try standing it up inside the tub to let it dry. I’m sure if I were to simply leave it on a towel (as well as squeezing it after the bath) that would work as well.

Babies R Us Turtle Bath Sponge Cushion

Babies R Us Turtle Bath Sponge Cushion

Or if you have a girl.

Babies R Us Ladybug Bath Sponge Cushion

Babies R Us Ladybug Bath Sponge Cushion

By the way I’d like to point out some safety instructions when using a baby bath cushion. These instructions are also printed on the back of the packaging.

  • ALWAYS bathe your infant using as little water as necessary.
  • Infants can drown in as little as 1 inch of water.
  • NEVER allow other children to substitute for adult supervision.
  • Discontinue use and replace if product breaks.
  • Do not leave children under 3 years of age with any sponge product as sponge can be chewed and present a choking hazard.
  • Always test the temperature of the water.
  • This product is not a toy.
  • Do not use this product as a seat cushion.
  • Do not use in cribs or playpens.

In summary I think this is a great product for new parents to have and would definitely recommend it.

~ Johnny Bravo

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